cat care
And other animals too!
We all know dogs are everyone’s best friend. Dogs give us unconditional love and they deserve the highest respect. Not only do we clean up after and feed them, we also enjoy tossing the ball around or just showing love by petting their bellies and having them give us that doggie smile. Lickings are a welcomed compliment. It’s a testimonial to a job well done.  

Pet Services

Dog care

Your pet is family. 

Some of us love exotic pets.  We do not shy away from these unique children. If you have ferrets, birds, fish, turtles, snakes, or other unique pets…even skunks and outdoor furry friends or birds to feed, please contact us about your unique pet sitting needs.
Here at Furplay Pet Sitting we know our pets are our furry kids. They are part of the family. You can be assured when you are not at home we will take care of your pet’s needs when you are away. When you hire Furplay Pet Sitting, not only will we feed and clean up after them, we’ll interact with them. We believe that having a relationship with pet owners is important, but also with the pets as well.  We all have fun with our furry friends as our service caters to that mindset. Our feelings are this is not just a business; it’s all about showing how much we truly love to animals and making a difference. 

We all know cats are different than dogs. It was once said, “Dogs give unconditional love and cats have to think about it.” It may take time for a cat to trust someone and we have the patience to go the extra mile to earn that trust. Whether they like to interact and play, or prefer we come in to simply feed them, clean up and leave, we respect the wishes of your fur babies. They are the kings and queens of their castle and we are guests in their kingdom.